“Blueberry Mill” – Jace, Memory Adept Deck

by on July 24, 2011

From the moment Jace, Memory Adept was spoiled, I wanted to build a deck around it. While this version of Jace doesn’t appear to be nearly as broken as the previous incantation, it offers card advantage, and some serious milling power.

You don’t have to look far to find other cards that interact well with the new planeswalker. Cards such as Jace’s Erasure & Jace’s Archivist are natural inclusions in any milling deck.

Hedron Crabs combined with a couple of Zendikar fetchlands offer additional milling sources on the cheap.

This deck also seems like a natural place to include Chancellor of the Spires, a card I’ve been wanting to use for a while, but never really had room for.

One other card I wanted to make sure I included was Surgical Extraction. It’s an incredibly cheap instant that can absolutely gut any combo-based deck such as Splinter Twin or even some Valakut builds.

Throw in your standard counter magic, a couple of card drawing options, and you’re pretty much set with the build I’ll be giving a test drive this Friday night.

Blueberry Mill

Now, I’m still tinkering with things a bit so don’t hold me to these totals. For example, I’m not sure how many Gitaxian Probe’s I really need vs. Visions of Beyond or even an extra Jace or Sphinx.

However, in the limited testing I’ve done, I can tell you the combination of Jace’s Erasure and Jace’s Archivist can be incredibly productive.

I’m expecting a meta-game flooded with mono-red builds, and probably a couple of Caw-Go decks as well, so my sideboard will probably focus on preventing the burn.


The deck started off with a bang against a Puresteel Paladin deck, but stalled out in game 2 and 3. Despite having several card drawing options, the deck had a difficult time keeping pace when it got into the mid-game.

My next match was against a UB Control/Vampire hybrid that appeared ill-conceived and even more poorly executed. I quickly dispatched my opponent but didn’t really take that as a positive reflection on the build.

The third deck I faced was Grixis Twin. While Surgical Extraction did strong work preventing the combo, I once again struggled as the game dragged on. The lack of creatures, and lack of options for dealing with resolved creatures emerged as an evident flaw for the deck. The first game was decided by Lavaclaw Reaches while the second came to a screeching halt when my opponent resolved an Inferno Titan.

My last match ended up being as close as you could get to a mirror match with a rogue’ish type deck like this. Fittingly, we ended up drawing when my opponent milled us both for 20 at the end of a long third game.


This deck was a bit of a disappointment for me. While I didn’t expect to run the table with it, I was certainly hoping for a better showing. After my FNM matches, I played a few more games against the Hawkward and Caw-go builds and didn’t stand a chance. I haven’t yet decided whether it’s a salvageable concept or not. Its possible adding white for things like Gideon Jura, Oblivion Ring and Day of Judgement would help, but I suspect I’d simply be building a worse version of UW Control or Caw-go.

I considered adding green for some ramp, but space is limited and I have serious doubts about milling someone fast enough even with mana acceleration. It’s probably best to set the idea aside for now and pick it up again when the sting of defeat isn’t quite as fresh.

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leon evans August 6, 2011 at 12:36 pm

im also building a mill deck and totally agree that in the game it seem to be a bit slow and unless you get set up with erasure’s quickly then you will start to suffer some what.
If you would mind i would like to throw the idea of working on a really good mill deck together i know it would over the internet but if we come up with ideas then together we may find a solution quicker.
I did try adding in some sword of body and mind with some double strike creature but again it seems to take along time to set up.


bcook August 8, 2011 at 8:39 pm

@Leon, to be honest, I’ve abandoned the deck idea in favor of another brew I’m working on. However, I did see a deck list posed on Twitter recently that’s called Mill-Blade which looks interesting & promising. The main problem I have is that mill decks of any type are fairly easy to hate against so even if you dominate for a week or two, it’s not a long term viable solution.

I think the real power of Jace may be seen when we get Innistrad and some graveyard usage.


Zec August 6, 2011 at 11:01 pm

I was thinking the very same thing, I have been financially unable to build and test, however after the success I had with a U/G mill I wanteld to build a rotation proof mill deck, jace, core augurs for hand control, quick silver amulets to get them out faster. Elixer of immortality to ensure you dont draw yourself out, jace’s erasure and archivests. Various other draw and support (counters) thrown in to hwlp you get what you need and rip your opponents deck apart and kwith the augur their hand size is 0 so all goes well, turn 5 their top decking as their deck is dumped to the grave. Considered grave titan, and the black leyline as well. Not sure about duel coloring it just yet


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